Organization of Olive Producers LATIUM

Experience, Innovation and Sustainability in olive growing

OP LATIUM is the largest organization representing the supply chain of the olive growers and transformers in the Latium, heart of Italy.

Principali infrastrutture dell'Organization of Olive Producers LATIUM

More than 14000 farms and cooperatives are working with us to ensure the daily supervision of all stages of production of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Table Olives of the region; our members and our technicians are always present, from the cultivation of olive trees up to the production, bottling and packaging of oil and olives: this is our way to guarantee the highest quality to those who choose our brand products "Nostrum".

On the one side this strong characteristic of association allows us to promote the quality and sustainability of olive production throughout the Latium and, on the other we also have our own direct production force.

A few kilometers away from the Eternal City, in the Sabina, there are in fact our three olive mills, modern facilities directly managed by us in the heart of a land famous for its long tradition of olive growing; direct inheritance from the agronomic wisdom of the ancient Rome.

Thanks to our extensive presence, our technical skills, but above all to our infinite passion, we offer only the best of the production of oil and olives from Lazio to consumers, while ensuring the protection of a unique agricultural landscape and the full sustainability of olive and oil production: environmental, social and economic.