Experience a surprising Olive Oil tasting experiences in Italy, near Rome: come to visit our oil mill and enjoy a fascinating guided tour with our experts.

How is Extra Virgin Olive Oil made?
What precautions are needed to ensure the quality of the oil?
Are olive oils all the same?
Why a small blue glass is used to taste olive oil?

These are just some of the many questions to be answered during our guided tours in the olive mill.
The visits are available in Italian and in English language, for groups of tourists and students. Visits take place at the OP LATIUM plant "Colli Sabini" in the centre of Italy near Rome, in Palombara Sabina (Rm).

Following the olives during their path from the scale to the separator, visitors will experience the process of the transformation of the fruits into EVOO oil, made with modern techniques and high-tech machinery.

Our guests will learn the secrets of olive oil making, discovering the differences between ancient and modern extraction systems, the numerous uses of olive oil during time, the many different varieties of olives and olive oils that are produced in Italy.

The visit will include a practice olive oil tasting session under the guide of an expert olive oil taster and will conclude with a final taste of bread with our oil and with our special chocolate made with olive oil.

The objective of the tour is to promote among customers and - above all - among the younger generations a correct and effective information about the productive aspects and nutritional and sensory quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the table olives.

For more information and reservations: segreteria@oplatium.it

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