Heirs of an ancient tradition

Olive pickers at work: our old history

The history of OP Latium began long before its constitution.

The core of our organization derives by the merger of two historic cooperatives in the olive oil sector: the "Colli Sabini" of Palombara Sabina and the "Farfense" of Castelnuovo di Farfa. Both have been established in the 60s in Sabina, a land rich of ancient agricultural traditions, olive garden of Rome.

Our current strength and passion, the great experience we are proud of, are the same ones that generations of olive growers inherited from their fathers and transmitted to their children, cultivating lands that Cato, Varro and Columella already knew to be suited to olive growing at the time of the ancient Rome.

It is due to these reasons that since 2011, when we formally constituted, we continued growing to become the largest organization of extra virgin olive oil and table olives producers in the Lazio.

We are now a reference point on the market of high quality agricultural products from Italy.